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Tacos & Tequila

I’m going to be honest, I’ve got some really great friends. One of them happens to live in the beautiful state of Florida and today is her birthday so I’m doing a little bit of reminiscing (Happy Birthday, Lauren!). I miss the sunshine state. I miss the warm sun, I miss the beaches and I miss the food and bar scene. I’ve been to a number of places in Fort Lauderdale, but my last visit gave me the pleasure of visiting TacoCraft – a taco AND tequila bar. Fun fact if you didn’t know by now: I LOVE MARGARITAS. I love tacos, too, but I will never pass up a margarita, ever.

I mean look at that — #TacoTuesday, $3 tacos and listen to the variety — from the top, a Pork Belly Taco with a sweet & spicy glaze, slaw, pickled onions and crispy rice noodles. The middle one was a Chorizo Taco with a FRIED EGG, cojita cheese, potato hash and a perfectly made garlic aioli. The last one was the Crispy Chicken Taco, southern fried chicken, spicy slaw, pickled fresno peppers and a hot honey. Dude, I cannot tell you which one was my favorite. These tacos were more than filling, had perfect flavor that you could taste in every bite and whoever thought to put a fried egg on a taco was a genius.

Their happy hour is unbeatable, they have multiple locations and they have brunch. They have a lovely staff, very kind, and have a wonderful atmosphere. I would highly recommend going here.

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