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Sweet N’ Salty Treat

Happy V-Day, friends! Everyone celebrates with candies and chocolates but what about the people that like salty things (aside from the heart shaped pizza I’m looking forward to tonight)?? This mix is the best of both worlds ~salty and sweet~, featuring white chocolate, pretzels & Golden Grahams, you can have this snack ready in minutes.

  • 6 blocks almond bark/candy coating (I used vanilla flavor)
  • 1/2 bag pretzels sticks (broken into bite size pieces)
  • A few scoops of Golden Grahams

Melt almond bark/candy coating. Pour over pretzels and Golden Grahams mixture and stir until coated. You could also add the pretzel/cereal mixture directly into melted bark/candy coating, whichever you prefer. Let cool or refrigerate until hardened. **I eyeball the measurements so this is a rough estimate, you can adjust as you see fit.

Enjoy your treat!

xoxo, ellen

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