There is nothing like a good wine Wednesday, am I right? I’m a lover of red wine, but pair it with a charcuterie or cheese board and I am ALL IN. One of my favorite places to go is Cooper’s Hawk Winery. It’s the best of both worlds – good food and great wine! My personal favorites are their Winter Red (a seasonal wine), their Super Tuscan and their Shiraz. Their wines are rich and bold in flavor and I love that. The Super Tuscan was described to me as imagining sitting in your grandfather’s den filled with books and it could not be more correct. That’s the exact taste you get — leathery, earthy and a hint of tobacco.

My go-to for food is their Artisan Cheese Board, which is packed with goodies. It has three cheeses — a buttermilk blue cheese, sartori parmesan and stracciatella. Pair the stracciatella with the sweet honeycomb and the grilled crostini and you’ve got a taste of heaven. Add in candied bacon and you’ve got me. 100% worth it every time.

Whatever you get, enjoy! But I would highly recommend if you’re near a Cooper’s Hawk, go!


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