Spice Beer Pancakes

Beer Pancakes

Every year in December, my mom, sister and I head to the Bizaare Bazaar, a huge holiday craft show with 100’s of vendors, and every year, we look forward to visiting certain booths, especially the food ones! Let me tell you, Mimi’s Mountain Mixes always deliver the finest foods and highest quality hospitality. They are friendly, they are kind and they go above and beyond for their customers.

This past year, we couldn’t get enough of their mixes and this morning we decided to whip up some of these Spice Beer Pancakes. It was as simple as mixing a can of Coors Light with the mixture and pour them on the griddle. So easy my sister could do it!

The flavor though was INCREDIBLE. They were light, fluffy and delicious. I’m usually not a big pancake person (I typically prefer waffles) but, these were top notch. The flavor reminded me of french toast, but in pancake form.

Mimi makes a variety of other wonderful products, most notably the beer bread but we love all of it! Definitely worth a try if you’re a carb lover like me.

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